lineage farms

Welcome to lineage farms

we grow garlic that will rock your world

We are located in Merritt Bc . canada. We grow many different varierties of garlic to let people try different tastes for different dishes.
Garlic is like a fine wine – many different flavors
for many different occasions and tastes.

our garlic is grown natually and organically. we only take the best of our bulbs and replant so we can offer to you our custumers the highest
quallity garlic that can be grown.

We take pride in being able to provide you with seed garlic for planting or just plain old eating so you can roast them up, eat them and give yourself the garlic GLOW.

WARNING Please make sure everyone around you eats some too or you will find yourself – all by yourself.

We also have a small apairy that we call “warez du bees”. We know our bees make our world a better place by pollinating our and our neighbours plants. We use their honey and my wife makes creams and lip balms from their wax.

I hope you enjoy our website. We do our best to make it fun on the farm. Please tour around, see what we are about, have look at what we have to offer,
and read our wacky “on the farm” stories.

We hope to hear from you wheather you want to buy something or just say hi.

thanks for getting this far
the ware family.